To my mother and the love and light that guides me, I dedicate my work. 

I must have been around five years old when I can remember how my mother would come home with her hands and feet swollen after working two jobs to support the four of us kids. She used to rub my back and legs even though she was exhausted. It wasn’t long before I began to return the favor to make her happy. She herself was a bit of a Witch or, “Curranderra.” I used to sneak out of my room to watch her do body work on her friends, read tarot cards, or cast spells and do healings. Sometimes they’d invite me to stay to work on them. My mother used to say, “mijo, you have such strong hands.”  Day in and day out, I would work on her hands, feet and shoulders.


I became much more knowledgeable about the body in high school where I took football, wrestling, and track. Sometimes I would massage my teammates or the cheerleaders. After high school, I went to college for music, not really knowing what I wanted to study. Nothing really interested me, so I dropped out of my second semester and became a sushi chef in Newport Beach. There, I truly learned what it meant to have passion for an art. 


During my second year as a chef, I was inspired by a massage therapist to go and get my licensing. I attended Everest college in Anaheim and graduated second in my class with a perfect GPA. While working, I met someone by the name of Tony Fydork who offered me a job working for his chiropractic practice. I worked alongside brilliant Physical Therapists and Chiropractors. I’ve worked for several high-end spas down the California coast from Huntington Beach to Laguna, but something was missing…. 


I had never truly felt I was making a difference in the body. I’d have to see people twice a week for months before any kind of progress was reached. It wasn’t until late 2017 when I met my current Sensei, Samuel Camburn. He brought me into his tutelage with the “Genius of Flexibility” -resistance stretching which removes fascial adhesions immediately. 


I have been working with him daily and synthesizing my own techniques that I’ve acquired and mastered, to bring a completely new style of body work to the table. I currently reside with my queen and loving partner in Mar Vista where we serve all who need a helping hand.


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