• What should I expect from my first session?


During your first session, you should expect to be involved in your healing. You will not come in to be “fixed”, rather, we will work together to accommodate, relax and improve your flexibility and well-being. We may ask you to apply pressure and push during certain times to enhance a stretch and move you through the range of motion. It may be slightly uncomfortable during the process, as old patterns are shifting into new ones, but the result will feel great and lasts much longer than traditional massage therapy. We may also teach you self-stretches and/or self-massages to do at home on a regular basis for maximum results.

  • What are the different sessions offered?

We offer a therapeutic oil massage which includes Trigger Point Therapy, Active Release Therapy, Rolfing, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Resistance Flexibility and the Gua Sha technique. It focuses on the whole length of the body and creates flow and ease. The other session we offer includes all of the above techniques, but focus on one or two areas in particular for deep release and apply oil only to specific areas. Both sessions include the use of our brand of organic CBD oil.

  • How much are the sessions?

Our in-person sessions prices are offered on a sliding scale from $120 - 250/60 minutes, and our live video interactive sessions are offered from $1-2/min. Please inquire within.

  • Do you offer memberships/discounts?

Yes, we offer $10/month memberships to have unlimited access to our videos, receive a free personal consultation and a 15% off discounted in-person or live video session. We also offer $25 off

each session per booked referral and offer a 15% discount for committing to 2+ sessions per week.

  • Is there an age limit?

No. We work with all ages. Children and Teens under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian.

  • Do you work with people with disabilities?

Yes. We do not discriminate against anyone with any condition. In fact we welcome these individuals to become among our most valued clients. Depending on the condition, we may require a doctor’s authorization. We offer in-homes for those who are disabled or homebound.

  • Do you work with pregnant women?

Yes, after the first trimester and some of the techniques will invariably not be conducted due to safety.

  • Do you offer group sessions?

Yes! We offer partner sessions to small group sessions up to 10 people. We train how to self-stretch and self-myofascial release as well as with a partner. Gua Sha tools and organic CBD oil are offered for practice with options for purchase after class. Price range varies. Inquire within.

  • Do you offer Skype/Zoom sessions?

Yes. We offer instructions for all of our self-stretch and self- myofascial release through video or live Skype/Zoom sessions. Live instruction offered from $1-2/min.

  • Will you travel to me?

Yes, our work is mobile. We require screening before travel. Inquire within for specifications.

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